L2Gold x45 Rules
The Rules:
We will take them seriously, so be careful. We know them all here. Players have off course the right to play! The Admin is allowed to change the rules without notifying the players. GMs are not allowed to give items, money, help players with their quests, sieges and clan wars, as well as disturbing the players game!. The Admin is allowed to do whatever he wants/needs to do without giving explanation to anybody. GMs is allowed to give warnings if they find any violation. GMs, Admins & DEVs are allowed to re/place bans if they have been offended and write it up in the designated area in the forum. The players are allowed to warn other players and to inform the GMs. GMs are allowed to check for hacks, restricted items, which includes going through the personal and clan inventory. If you lose your password or the account, or they get changed by someone else, we are not responsible for that so they will not be restored. GMs are not allowed to give back money, items or skills lost due to bugs in the server, restart or crash.
Punishments that could be used depending on the violation: Players may be fossilized for 30 minutes or 4 hours. The fossilization will only ware off if the characters stays ingame. Players may be deleveled. Players accounts may be erased. Players may get an account ban from the server aswell as for the forum.This can be an IP-ban too depending on severity. Bot programs and packet editors are logged in various ways on l2gold, if you are logged you will receive a full ban for ever without warning Note: From now on we are not warning