L2Gold x45 News
L2Gold is Coming Back at Summer End! 06 August 2018 - 07:31 PM
We are happy to announce that our server will come at this summer end! More specific the official launch date will be
31 August 2018 at 21:00PM GMT+3  -  Prepare your clans for this epic journey!

We have some changes to announce:
- New Control Panel Added!
- New Antibot Engine Added! (Custom Captcha!)
- Only 1 rebirth Added to new Chars! (So you will have to do 1 levelup till level 80 + 2 more)
- New Automatic Events added! (More info will be posted on forum in some days!)
- Refining System on Orfen/Core Jewels!
- Stackable EWS/EAS!