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Grand Opening scheduled!!!

L2OFF – Interlude
L2Gold x45 PVP Server

Dear L2Gold,

We are pleased to inform you that our team started developing an updated version of L2Gold. Our team has over 10 years combined experience in programming and server administration. Through the past years we managed to develop our very own L2OFF Private Source, which now has modified in a way to offer a L2Gold style gameplay that most of you might know.

On the other side, our experienced marketing team will make sure to bring the maximum possible online players and promises to increase the competition on L2Gold. According to our developers the server will run a Beta Testing Period in December 2016* and finally launch in December 10/12/2016.

We have invested 2000+ Euros in advertising and 680+ Euros hiring high end server machines in 3 different countries. Our high end machines promising an excellent gaming lag free experience for the whole USA/Latin America, EU and RU as well as Asian communities.

Finally, we are proud to be in partnership with one of the top DDoS Protection companies in the world, InCapsula. InCapsula is a leading DDoS Protection company and promises an enhanced gaming experience with 100% DDoS Attack free and no lags or disconnections** from the server!

For more information and daily/weekly updates, please follow our Facebook, Twitter, VK pages also our youtube channel and website and forum!

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